ive had my fender deville 410 for about 3 years, and it recently stopped working. out of nowhere- it just no longer makes any sound. the light turns on, and you can hear a very quiet buzz coming from the speakers, but no sound comes out. the tubes all glow, but one of them pulses when i play. ive tried replacing that tube but it the new one pulsed as well. ive also tried plugging the amp into a different speaker cab, but still, nothing. any help would be appretiated.
no, im sure there is a signal going through... ive been dealing with this problem for months so any simple thing like that is out of the question. im sure theres a problem with the amp.
Take it to a guitar store. They'll fix it whatever it is.

I'd say you just need new tubes, but whatever.
ive tried a new tube but it pulses just like the other one. im thinking it might be a tube circuit problem.