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My parents flip out any time I mention alcohol, I cant even talk about it and if I do they yell at me. I have no clue what they would do if they ever were to find me drinking. How do your parents react to this?
i can talk about it but i think theyd care if i drink
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Not anymore
They pretty much gave up on me cause I get in trouble so much
Mine don't care
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They didnt since i was like 15, im 18 now so they really dont have a say anymore.
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well when my mum found a litre of Jack Daniels in my room she just accepted i was a hardcore drinker and she couldnt do anything about it lol
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I was really never 100% sure whether it was a big deal to them or not when I was a minor (I snuck around drinking anyways because I didn't want to risk it) but it's been confirmed that it means nothing to them when I was 18.
They used to. now they figured our I'm responsible and drink when we have a DD and such. So they're cool with it. That and I've never gotten so plastered that I puke when they're home (though its happened when they were out).
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They'll let me drink beers and wine but any form of hard A and its a no-no... its a good thing they haven't checked out the stock i have at my apartment.

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mine care, but that hasnt stopped me yet
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i don't think they particuarly like it, but i don't think they are overly bothered. same for smoking - my mum gives me ciggys in fact. they have seen me stumble home plastered too many times to care now

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Mine are not to bothered, they buy me it when im going to parties or whatever.

yeah same. i think they are impartial to be honest. i don't think telling my parents everything is a great idea - and vice versa
Mine let me drink on holidays like Christmas and New Years, but I've never gotten wasted in front of them.
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I was really never 100% sure whether it was a big deal to them or not when I was a minor (I snuck around drinking anyways because I didn't want to risk it)

I was the same, and then at a sixth form party i got so drunk that i passed out or somethig and got taken to the hospital in an ambulance. After that i tried to avoid talking about it cos i wasn't sure how they'd react. I think they're starting to care less now though, but they're still like "Be carefull, don't do anything stupid" everytime i go out of the house
my mom doesnt like it but my dad will give me an occasional beer. mmm...killians irish red.
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Mine don't really care as long as I don't get drunk. But I'm not really one to drink alcohol anyway.
My parents are so overprotective that I can't do anything. Like i used to have friends and we were on the swings talking and my dad was like pissed he's like, "ONly go outside to play, then come back!" and if I told him we were talking, he'd be like TALKING ABOUT WAT! NO TALKING.! DN"T WASTE UR TIME, DO SOMTHING USEFUL". So, i'm 100% sure he'd be buggin out if i even mentioned it. also it's against my religion to drink so I can understand that, even though i know he drinks, like he tries to hide it so much that it's obvious. If i ever drink, or do anything i would never like talk about it near my parents , not that i care if they get mad, juist that they're gonna confront me and i'ts gonna be sooo borring.
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My mom would kill me if she ever found me drinking. Even joking about she gets pissed off.
My step dad has bought me beer before, and some alcohol at a concert. Im 18 btw. But living in their house still sucks.

you're 18 and she still cares? surely that is not her problem anymore?! (unless you live in a place where 18 is not legal)
My mom sees it as I'm sixteen and responsible, so she doesn't mind me drinking a bit if she knows where I am and who I'll be with on occasions such as birthdays. She'd probably be pretty pissed if I was drinking whenever though.
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They really do care about it. My older sister (4 years older), was a real mess for my parents, she didn't care for anything or anyone, and she fought with my father everytime they saw each other (and I really mean it). So when my younger brother (two years) and me got to the age where we started to going to parties our parents told me specifically, that if They ever saw me drinking I would loose my lifesavings they have saved for me since I was born (which is well over 100.000 kronors by the time I'm 18, don't know how much that is in dollars).

So basically, I will loose a free ticket to a car and alot of money if they catch me drinking.
That hasn't stopped me from drinking a whole lot in the weekends, and hasn't stopped the use of other drugs either. I am very discrete with it....unlike my young brother, haha;

1 month ago or so his friend called my parents, from a party, because my brother couldn't stand on his legs and when my parents got there they got him to a hospital because he wasn't normally drunk (they thought), and they figured he had swallowed some pill or something. He oviously had over 2 promill...(uhm, english?) in his body, which is quite enough.

What I find so hillarious about it is that I, who have been drinking in secret for over 1 year and gotten drunk alot of weekends in row without getting caught, now seems like a wonderchild or something because I claim to never drink and that only strengthens as my brother was stupid
My folks only ever mind if they find out I ever did anything extremely stupid. Generally I sobre myself up after a few hours with lots of water. I'm a classy drinker.
I'm 20.

So no.
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I'm a 41 year old man who lives with his mother. Last time she caught me drinking, she spanked my bottom so damn hard.
They know i drink, dont think they like it but i dont think there is much they can do...
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My Mum is more than alright with it. In fact she buys me alcohol & gets drunk with me then laughs at me acting stupid

My Dad on the other hand is... who frikkin knows. I haven't seen him in four years
They know I'm not an irresponsible little ****er, so they trust me to drink. Hell, my Dad likes me to drink because I actually talk to him more then!
I'm 18 so they don't have a say.

But my mum is opposed to all drugs so she hates drinking, etc. My dad doesn't care.
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well they dont really care, they just dont want me to drink to much. But well in a year Im 16 then I can decide myself
Yeah. Anytime i come home after going out to see friends, my mum always asks when i come through the door, 'Are you drunk?'. It's annoying. One time, i told her i went to the pub and had a drink, she was with a friend and her husband and they were all like 'you are going to die, don't do that, if you drink you will ruin your life, etc. I only had 2 pints. I'm not going to die after 2 pints or get liver disease or become an alcoholic.
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Mine don't care, they know i won't go out drinking in the streets or go way over the top so it's cool with them.
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I don't know actually, I've never asked. I'm sure they would care about any hard liquor, but they always try to give me wine and champagn at like Christmas or other family get togethers. I choose not to. Long story.

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