Read about it in the recent Total Guitar (at the moment I'm obsessed with Coheed and Cambria) and it looks amazing, Claudio Sanchez's actual guitar is snazzier due to the inlay but still I love this guitar I'd love to play one.

I've never heard of that company before, but those guitars look awesome. I really want to try a few now.
I've heard that Minariks are really high quality guitars. But I personally don't like the look of most of them. The Inferno is butt ugly IMO. That Medusa isn't too bad... the only ones I would consider for myself are the Diablo or the Goddess (strangely, the sexiest double neck I've ever seen).
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I was saving for a Minarik Inferno Cherub with shattered mirror top until my truck died, now I have to use the dough for that instead. I have played a few Minariks and they are awesome giutars.

how much does the medusa cost i can't find a price anywhere
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The Medusa design was made just for Claudio, and then put into production becuase it is so amazing.
claudios medusa cost about $4000. they are bringing out a studio version series that will only cost a $1000. but I am selling my minarik samhain. i hate to but i need the money. its an amazing guitar sounds great and looks amazing! really turns heads. its mint condition, comes w/ ohsc. asking $700.