Yo have you guys ever heard of this band? well. They are this ****ing sweet death metal band. SO GOOD. Like unbelievable. True Metal Heads. They are the innovators of Death Metal. And on top of that they shred like crazy and Fred Durst sings on a few tracks. They are called The Linkin Parkers. SO sick. Check their myspace!
you fail at life. does this even exist? *reported*
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god damn spam! i check it out no place on myspace for the "Linkin Parkers"

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Yes, you sir win the internet!

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yo player yo slayer, **** YOU man. YOU probably listen to some ****ty numetal band like DreamTheatre or something even worse like Opeth. They are ****. Get a life.
...this isn't irony or sarcasm, this is just stupid.
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i went through the trouble of registering just to flame your stupid ass....you really do fail at life and you should go jump off a building
lol how old are you? learn to spell for one, and linkin parkers doesnt even exist, so why dont you go back to playing with your tonka toys and listening to your "oh life sucks so bad but im going to make a rap metal band to show how bad i feel"
first of all it's linkin park, and second they are pop rock, and third there ga y
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yo player yo slayer, **** YOU man. YOU probably listen to some ****ty numetal band like DreamTheatre or something even worse like Opeth. They are ****. Get a life.

First off, Dream Theater is progressive metal, not nu-metal.
2nd How dare you call Opeth sh*t, I know its opinion, but they're one of the most amazing bands i've ever heard.
3rd, Linkin Park suck and can't touch what ethier of these bands have done.
He's just aggravated 'cuz his daddy touched him in his private parts and mommy said she didn't care.
I don't know, I found this thread rather hilarious.

I'm tired of people calling Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Slipknot, Trivium, Bullet for My Valentine, etc. "metal".

He was mocking it, give him a break. =]
It's the people who take his bait that make me laugh the most.

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I don't know what you people are talking about, Linkin Park are heavier than Behemoth.

(Bad troll)

(Die Please)

(Ban close thread k thx)
where the hell are the mods,the forum is full with spam !

is bo on a vacation or something ?
is it me or are people on this forum tragically stupid? how does anyone take this seriously? or did you guys just get internet connections a few days ago?
There's no need to rant on Linkin Park.

Either this is just a stupid fan, as LP have never claimed to be metal.

Or it's someone posing as a rabid fan, and is therefor just as retarded.