Why do so many people say that EMGs need an amp with master volume to get full potential, also, i heard that if you arent running them to a tube amp, you lose most of the affect. How much truth are in these, sorry if its a noobish question, good day.
The feature of EMG's is that they are (usually) active, meaning they send a powered signal to the amp. With an SS amp, the powered signal distorts (in a bad way, like a cheap radio) while it's amplified by the circutry. When EMG's hit a tube amp, they work the tubes harder, driving them further towards overdrive distortion (the good kind).
I have a modeling amp, and i didnt really notice that big of a difference between it and the tube amps i played on in the shop, but im thinking about maybe getting a valve king, or some other cheaper tube amp.
Also, would dimarzios be a better choice if i have a non-tube amp?
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