okay, 2 things

1. I have an Ibanez rg120, and the whammy bar on the tremelo is a slide-in. the problem is every time i use it and/or move my guitar, the whammy bar falls out. how can i make it stay in and still have the swivel?

2. as much as i hate dragonforce, i'll ask anyway...my friend says that "though the fire and the flames" was originally an exodus song, but i think he's just talking out of his ass. who's right?
1. When you press the whammy bar down to the body, the back of the bridge rises doesn't it? If you look inside the raised part (just where the whammy bar slides in) the should be some form of screw or something that you can tighten.

2. As far as i am aware, its an original Dragonforce song.
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