i'm looking for a new amp. i want to spend between $200 and $350. i plan on using it play in my dorm room and play a little louder with other guitarists. i was thinking 30 to 50 watts.

the music i play is usually moderately distorted (built to spill, the beatles, the strokes, sublime, weezer). i dont play metal. and sometimes i play drum loops through my amp too. i was thinking maybe a fender or a marshall, but i dont know what else is good or which models are good.

thanks for any reponses!
Sounds like you might want a Vox Valvetronix at that price range and genre of music. 30watts is only $240. Pretty nice if you ask me
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Palomino V16 is around that price, if I remember correctly. It's a nice little valve amp that's loud enough for jamming and good for blues and rock
thanks. are there any good marshalls out there that are around 30-60W and that aren't MG's?