Ive seen wireless gutiar transmitters, and was just wondering what a good one would be, and if they can match up against standard cables. Anyone have any experience with them?
They aren't bad if yo uget a good one. They will delay a little bit if you are too far away though
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From my experience of using a wireless system, its NOT something you'd want to skimp out on. Either get a good, high end one, or dont get it at all. Lower end ones tend to suck your tone out a good deal. For example, guitar bug :x. A good one would be Senheiser.
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If you gig alot, then get a wireless, but, you cant go cheap, cause youll be putting alot of wear on it. But if you gig occasionally, then stick will the extra long cord.
ive tried my mates ashton one, it was 179 dollars, just a cheapo. and i could tell,a s soon as i held it, that it was gonna be pretty crappy, went hoome and tried it. no way was i going to play with this instead of a cable. sure, it worked, but someitmes it would cut out, not to mention the amount of tone and gain it sucked.
Kirk and James use wireless systems, but steve vai uses a cable.....

i am freaking sure that vai has money for wireless ****, so i guess you do lose little tone when playing something very melodic and each note counts.... but when playing max dist i think you wont hear any big difference or any at alll