Ok so i got a Behringer LX1-112 V-Ampire and i love the sound, but every1 is always saying that tubes are better, so i went and looked at the reviews and this amp was like 9.8 overall rating, i got it for $300 and i wanted to know some of your opinions on whether a valve king would be much better. BTW i play metal/heavy rock
I played the valve king recently and thought the cleans were ok, but the distortion was very dry. I was really unimpressed with it.
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If you love the sound you've got at the moment, there really isn't any point in upgrading. And yes, everyone says tubes are better, because alot of the time that is the case. But solid states have their place too. Don't make your decision based solely on what others say. Decide what works best for you.

Note - This does NOT include marshall MG's, AVT's or Line 6 amps. Anytime someone tells you they suck, listen to them.
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^^^ Noob. Not all Line 6 are ****


General consensus: Spiders are bad, Spider Valves are ok but not worth the price, Flextones are good, and Vettas are good albeit very expensive.
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