Okay today I bought Black And White for the PC. Everything installed fine, my computer met all the requirements (it's running XP, it has enough memory etc).

But when I run it it claims I need DirectX 7.0 or higher. I have DirectX 9.

So anyone got any ideas to fix this?

EDIT: Also if anyone can tell me if the game is any good?
never played it. but i have the second one and it is really cool. im stuck on like the 8th land though
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ahh black and white.... you should have got 2 though..... completed btw
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Chucking rocks around is fun. It's a really good game. Tried patching it up?

Yeah I got all the patches, the screen thing has changed to "p5dll.dll file missing, reinstalling may fix this." or something, but it's not bloody likely reinstalling it'll do ****.

I've downloaded th p5dll.dll file in a .zip, but I'm yet to open it so I'll update what happens after.