Im seriously considering getting a VHT amp now, I have only heard good things about them and looking at some of the videos on youtube they sound sexy as hell. I am going for a death metal to heavy metal sound and it sounds like either the deliverence or pittbull would fit the bill just perfect. I have a few questions though, I will probably be getting either the 60 watt deliverence or 50 watt pittbull because at 100 watts I would probably not get as much saturation as I prefer. I also want to know the difference between the deliverence and the pittbull and if the pittbull is really worth the extra 300 dollars or so
Deliverance has no FX loop.
BTW ALL VHTs have a really focused, dry tone.
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pittbull has more channels too.
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VHT amps are very dry and focused. Which is good or bad. It depends on what sound you want. They dont get a high saturation sound. Its a bit different. Sweet amps though. Its love or hate.

I wouldnt get the deleverience. Go for the pittbull. Its the real **** man.

If you were asking me, I would never consider anything less than 100 watts. I like to blow the roof off the dump though! ; ) Having the extra headroom can always come in handy.
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I would get the 100 watt pittbull but it just costs so damn much! the 50 watt should be enough for me anyway since tube amps got loud as all hell anyway so 50 watts should be perfect, I dont want the 100 also because for that nice break up I would need to really crank the hell out of it ya kno.

Where would you guys recommend to buy this beast from? and would it be even better if I put my ts909 in front of it?
different as in that they break up sooner when cranked or just different tone alltogether?
Probably different. Just because the only technical difference is the wattage number, the tone is almost always different.
I heard clips of the 50 watt... I could not find any of the 100 watt so if anyone could link me to some sound links to the 100 watt pittbull and voice their opinions on which one would be the best to go with that would be appreciated.
I have a 50/CL Pitbull head, love it, distorted, yet clear, and by bypassing a couple gain stages, you get a good crunch as well.

However, for really, really brutal stuff, my brother's 5150 has it beat.
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However, for really, really brutal stuff, my brother's 5150 has it beat.

you're telling me that the 5150 gets more brutal than a Pitbull?
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In my eyes, it does, I haven't had it that long, so it may be true that I don't have it figured out yet. But for playing Pantera type stuff, I like the 5150 better. I think the VHT Ultralead amps might have more gain than the CL series.

I like the 50/CL better for classic rock / modern rock sounds.
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IMO the deliverance 60 is the one to go with in any case, you get a very unscrewed around with signal path and if you don't need an FX loop, or more than two channels why bother with anything else, and it has enough headroom for any venue you would do...

I love the unaltered signal path, the unreal middle range of gain but the gain structure is so different and so indescribable

I say deliverance series due to its plug and play also, doesn't take six years of twisting knobs like a recto (of which I am a proud owner) you have 8 knobs to deal with.... cmon how easy can it get.
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