my guitar is used and is more scratch than paint and someone in my family is a profesional artist(good one 2)
(meaning i can get free custom paintjob)
and my father was a custom cabnit builder he knows alot about stains and painting and i could get the actual design on it for free
(currently its all black)
but every1 tells me not to repaint guitars espicailly mine why do they say this?

its be a '78 gibson l6-s deluxe

does ug say it would be good idea or bad?
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Its your guitar if your not worried about the resale value then why not. Not like its a 58 goldtop or something. And kinda hard to complain about a good free paint job.
Sounds pretty cool, and why not. Just don't do a transparent finish. They put a solid finish on for a reason; the wood was probably ugly or otherwise blemished.
It just doesnt have the nice arch top flame maple to it. But yea a solid color would be better.