i play bass in a metal band,
and i bought an rp 80 from my friend and even though the rp 80 isnt the greatest,
i just wanted somthing to make the bass tracks sound a little rougher.

any way, my friend lost the owners manuel and i was wondering if someone could teach me how to set my own presets and use the wah pedal..

Im guessing when you say 'rp80' your referring to a digitech effects pedal? If so your 'friend' has just sold you a GUITAR effects pedal, not a bass pedal. I have the bass pedal and that's the Bp80! Also its not a wah pedal, it's an expression pedal! If you are not talking about a digitech effect's pedal, totally disregard this post!

Also, so this isn't totally spam, to create your own effects press the create button and play around using the two bigger buttons on the bottom!
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