Ok, I KNOW you guys probably get a zillion of these every week but I need some help this time. I just got my Mesa F-50 this past week ( and some new guitars a few months back *Schecter Hellraiser FR and Martin 000X1**) SOOO I would like to start recording some of my stuff for personal use. I dont exactly need sick quality but decent quality would be great without breaking the back --> college student. I basically want something so I can listen to myself play and maybe send some files to friends here and there.
From what I know, for my case, micing my amp with like a sm57 would be prime. Software I have taken care off, my pc has everything from Reason to Cakewalk. So how do I actually get this thing running? What do I need to buy outside of the mic?
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^^^^ im not entirely sue, but arn't toneports designed for lining in guitars and adding effect rather than mics? If that's true then it's probably not the best way to go.

As for which one, it depends your budget, whether you want PCI, USB or firewire....

I spent ages agonizing over which one to get, and finally settled for and Emu 0202 USB 2.0. It's pretty cheap, only £65.