How are these amps? I tried one at the store and loved it, but i couldn't turn it up so i dunno how it sounds loud. Does anyone have experience with these?

If they are not good does anyone know any good tube (or awsome sounding SS) amps for about $400-$550 (maybe $600) that can handle small gigs that would be good for playing many differnt styles (Thrash, Classic, Blues, 80's Metal). I could get a pedal but then would need to get a cheaper amp (probably $400).

My goal is to earn around $1600 and devote a lot to the guitar i want (Gibson Explorer standard or a Jackson RR5) and use the rest on an amp, is that a good idea?
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the 212 combo is 100 watts, the 112 is 50. I don't think my VK is the epitome of all that is tube. but I would take it over any SS or modeling amp. you can get some great tones out of it.

PROS- great clean channel, very loud, workable effects loop. not very noisy. an overdrive that can get you a solid hard rock tone.

CONS- not a ton of gain if you play metal. the stock speakers on the VK combos are complete rubbish.

I've owned mine since march-ish of this year, so the honeymoon is long over. I like mine. I plan to keep it around for a while.

if you do play metal, you can run an EQ pedal into the effects loop and you can easily get metal tones out of it, no question. so the lack of gain is a hurdle that's easily lept over. but it doesn't have the unique voicing that you find with more expensive amps. it sounds good, not great. but it's a budget tube amp, what do you expect?

in the end, your amp will deliver more tone than your guitar. so consider that when you're waying out where to budget your money. consider this- what would sound better, a Squire strat through a Mesa/Framus/Bogner/Orange type amp, or a Gibson through a 10 watt Gorilla amp? the amp is where the mojo comes from. of course, I get more giddy over buying a new guitar, but I still realize the amp is where the power comes from. that's why I'm about to buy a Rivera K-tre, even though I want to get an Ibanez Prestige first. I know the K-tre is the first-buy, the Ibby is second. (well, third, because I'm getting a Vader 212 cab next).

the Valveking is a workable amp at a reasonable price. it may be the best tube amp in that price range (new). there's also the Peavey Windsor. I haven't played one, but some people like it. which the Windsor has EL34 tubes, while the VK has 6L6's.
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So do you think i would be good to switch and spend $1000 on an amp and $500 on a guitar (my ibanez was $400). There were some Mesa tube combo's for $1100, how are those for the music i like to play?

The main reson i want a new guitar is becasue i absolutely hate the Edge III trem and i wanna tune down.
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if you're willing to go used, there are definetely some quality used combos in the $1000 range. from looking at your preferences, you could get a used Peavey 5150 for well under $1000, maybe around $700 or less. that would handle everything you mentioned really well with possible exception to blues.

I hear you on the tremolo. I love to switch up tunings and have hated floyds, with particular hate towards Ibanez' Edge III trems.

if you want a fixed bridge, that can play metal, Ibanez still make some great guitars. the one I plan to get is the RGA121 Prestige which has a fixed Gibralter Plus bridge which is specifically built to be able to handle drop tunings well. from what I've heard, they can handle a Drop A with ease.

there's also these-


they have a cheaper Gibralter bridge, but get nothing but positive reviews. and are tonally versatile.
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The 212 is 100W. Dunno if you're confusing it with the 112 or if that was just a typo, but figure you should know.

I have the 112 with an Eminence Texas Heat - I got it like that so I can't tell you how it sounds with the stock.

The gain gets pretty muddy at max with the boost on, so consider a good pedal if you're gonna be playing modern-distortion stuff.

Gorgeous cleans, though, and awesome rock distortion.
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Yeah i meant the 112, but i think i'm gunna look around for used stuff (that's how i got my awsome Crate v5 made in US) and just go find a good mid-price guitar.

I've heard of the Peavey 6505 (which is the 5150 just rebranded becasue Eddie broke off from Peavey) but i have never seen one.

But i'm gunna go to the MASSIVE 2 story Guitar Center in Manhatten this week so i'll bet i could find one there and try it and maybe even find a Lawsuit era Ibanez Destroyer in the vintage room.