anyone ever give them a listen? they're not bad, i think they should be more recognized than they are though.
They are pretty generic, but they are better then a lot of the generic core.
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pretty rad ****ing band, truly one of the better UK new wave of metal. that being said, Johnny Truant were around before any of this really kicked off. i've always liked them, but as Seal said, they don't seem to be doing much anymore.
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Actually they're half way through recording their new album. There's also a cover of Cancer Bats - French Immersion they've just put up. Expect more to come in the very near future. I think they said they'd put a demo up next month but don't hold me to that.

Just discovered that 'Reprecussions' was released December 2002, these guys have been kicking around much longer than I thought.
Johnny Truant are pretty awesome, I think they are one of the better bands of they're style of usic. I want somebody to tab "i love you even thought your a zombie now" *hint hint*
New tracks been put up today, UK tour in May with Cancer Bats.

Havn't made my mind up about the track yet. Doesn't stand out in the way the Bloodening did when I first heard it
I like the song "The Bloodening". Other than that, I haven't heard much. They are pretty big in this area.
Yeah their fanbase is mostly Brighton and Canada haha.

If anyone's interested the new album has been produced by Dan and Justin from Sikth. A friend of mine works at the studios they recorded in and apparently the albums apparently based around "the apocolypse, getting drunk and animals running wild"
Righteous bump as the album has linked and is set to release in a couple of weeks.

They've changed their sound somewhat, crossed with a more Cancer Bats type sound.

The guitar tone is awesome IMO, the album itself is definately a progression from "in the library" and shows a bit more maturity.
I saw them with Sworn Enemy and they were alright. The band that took top spot that night was Kataklysm merely for being such a metal cliche. The Johnny Truant shirts were kind of entertaining (the one with a switchblade that says "we'll cut your jacob off"), but the band failed to get the crowd moving, despite how hard they tried.
The House of Leaves references makes me instantly like this band.

What do they sound like?"
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The House of Leaves references makes me instantly like this band.

What do they sound like?"

TBH i Don't like that they're called Jonny Truant because its so damn obvious its a house of leaves referance. I mean could they not have been a little more creative?

But yeah i think these guys are awesome i almost saw them with black flag in carlisle once but couldn't go...
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