I really have no experience really with distortion pedals, I need help choosing a good pedal for metal. Although, do I really need one at all (I'm going for Firewind, Children of Bodom, Pantera, Metallica esque tone)? I mean, I've not gone anywhere near pushing my Laney VH100R, so I may not need one.

Basically I'm after that heavy rhythm tone, and smooth lead stuff.

Any help appreciated.
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tube screamer, or metal muff, or danelectro metal pedal for 15 bucks.

Lol wtf no. Except the tubescreamer.

Doesn't your Laney have enough gain on its own? I'd go with a Tubescreamer-type pedal.
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No metal muff and no cheap-o Danelectro metal pedal. Look into an OD pedal to stick in front of your amp.