hey how's it going, i preformed this live yesterday night at a talent show type thing, my nerves were a bit on end, but I thought it went pretty well, tell me what you think, thanks.
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It took me a little while to decide whether I liked your vocal or not. I decided that in fact, I did, it might need a little work, but then the pressure of the live situation always diminishes the quality of your vocal, unless you've had plenty of practice anyway.

It's good stuff, everything in time, guitar was flawless, just a little bit of vocal work to be done I think

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Thanks, I agree with the vocal work, I can't say that I am that good of a singer, but it's something I want to work on a bit. I've gotten better with it, but live performances still make me shiver.
UG's Official Tenacious D fan
the vocals arent that good to be honest, not sure if that's cause of the jitters of performing live or not. the guitar was pretty spot on though. excellent song, not a bad cover.
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