All the distortion pedals are sold
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Brand New 2007 Jackson DK2M Alder Body with Electonics - Made in Japan. Inlcudes volume and tone pots as well as. Small scratch and dimple on the bottom edge.

3-way switch. Perfect condition. - $75 shipped to lower 48 US states

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How much do you want, including shipping to Canada, for the floyd? Do you accept cheques?
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Add $2 and I can ship to Canada. I can take check but it will just need to clear. Probably shouldn't take more than a couple of days though.
Trade? Blue lace sensor and/or SD hotrails?
I would really like one the SD's or the carl martin.
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Tremolo, neck, SD Jazz, distortion pedals, peavey valveverb and locking nut are sold

Still have the body and SD JB pickup