When trying to play tabs I keep encountering things like this:


Where certain parts are in line with each other. So I was wondering how do I play the 6th string and the 1st fret on the 3rd string at the same time and the same with the next part or do I play one after another, any help please?

The song im trying to play which has this in is Ball and Biscuit by The White Stripes if that helps.
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finger picking my friend, or some muting, i would say finger picking in this case though, put away the pick, and try just using your fingers, allows you to hit strings far away from each other, is this black bird by the way?
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either the tab got off centered and one goes after the other (you have to listen to the song to figure that out)...or you have to finger pick (for example scar tissue by rhcp)
put a pick on one string, finger on the other, and pick both at the same time. Happens alot in Under the Bridge.