I am thinking about getting the Vox Valvetronix (30W version). I have however heard/read about some faults with it.

Some said the input jack has a tendency to fall through into the actual housing. I'm sure the tech at the store could fix it. Also, someone said if you turn the master volume past 3 or 4, the preamp blows.

Also they say the modeling isn't the best. Obviously there's nothing like the real thing. It's called modeling for a reason. I tried it out a few days ago, and the modeling suits the stuff I play (60's and 70's). The Rotary is pretty neat. Except, the effects don't have controls for speed, presence, regeneration, etc.

It has a footswitch for effect on/off, channel select or something. (I didn't ask because they didn't have the footswitch on display.)
The effects can be changed with the bypass, channel, and tap buttons on the bottom of the control panel. I have the AD15VT, and I haven't had an problems with the jack falling through, don't see how it really can, unless you let it get that loose. The footswitch lets you change it from on and off, and switch channels.
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great amp have the 50 watt version myself
input does fall out a bit but with the help of a lead it isnt hard to get back if you tilt it on its side,
pedal just switches between two channels of saved sounds ,sometimes it works at turning on and of effects, i just bought a cheap 10 euro proel on/off switch and it does the job.
i can play my amp full blast and nothing has ever happened to the preamp but a friend of mine with the 30 watt blew his so maybe its just the 30 watt, the 50 is great for gigging though.

all in all you should get it but get the 50 if you can afford it
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yeah i have to 30 watt version and i love it, although i hope to upgrade soon to all tube. I havent had any problems with mine but i have heard of it happening. Great amp though, althought switching channels doesnt work that well for me, like every time i switched channels it changed the type of effect, but i works just like it should now. It kind of fixed itself.
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Yes, the input can fall into it, and has a few times with me, but all you have to do is unscrew the back of the amp and put it back in there. The reason it does this is because the nut on top holding it onto the amp is plastic and slips easily, i just put some superglue inbetween the threads of mine and then screwed it back on, hasn't happened since.
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