hey i know this might be a stupid question but i dont know how to change the strings on my guitar. it is a g-series takamine guitar. i just bought new strings to replace the old, bland ones but i dont know how to get them off. i dot want to break the damn thing trying to do it. please help me.
you have to completely loosen up the strings(literally tune them down until they are REALLY loose) then stick your hand into the guitar and pull them out. Then to put the strings in, you have to stick your hand in with the string and push it throught the corresponding hole(lol). And then tighten them.DONT TIGHTEN BEFORE PUTTING ALL THE STRINGS THROUGH. think about the outcome if you do that.
use the tool that comes with most guitars to take out the part of the bridge that holds the string in place(loosen than string) replace the string and put the bridge part back in
^--Youre referring to the bridge pin. Anyways:
Theres a guide to changing strings over in the "Guitar and bass basics" forum as well as tons of tutorials on the net. Just google 'change-strings-acoustic-guitar' im sure youll find everything you need to know.
Just in case you are confused ignore the first two comments. All you need is a pair of pliers and you don't need to remove bridges/put your hand inside anything on an acoustic. Have a look at how the strings are put on before you take them off and note that the bottom three are wound in a different direction to the top three. Apart from that take the third bit of advice and look up on internet as there is too much to write. Take you time and you'll find its pretty easy. Good luck.