Hi im new at music and only been playing for 2 years. I've been fooling around alot with powertab and i have some intros that may not make sence but i wanted another oppinion other than my family cus what ever i play they like it cus there trying to be nice. so Here are my intros or songs... they're midis from powertab...
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i really like no. 6

Now officially has too much gear to list

PM me if you want to know about my recording setup
Really nice, they have a good sense about them.

Edit: And +1 on the no. 6 again. Just that's the best, they're all nice.
Who reads sigs anyway
hey great u both like no.6 worked a week on that one the others were only days.
lol im glad u people like it. atleast now i know that my family wasnt lying...
what do u mean in real life? hehe i made this with my guitar then tabbed it. all i did was changed the speed lol
I can do that, may take some time thow cus the speed is pretty friggin fast...

I put 2 of the intros on my profile. the 2 i put i actual recorded my self.
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Yeah dunno were to start lol. Got Writers block now so forcing the music out of me is the only option i got