alrite my vox valvetronix 30 watt has had a speaker problem for the past few months. i THINK that its just a blown speaker. when i run it through the PA it works fine but other than that there is no sound comin from it. i haven't detected any torn wires or anything and even went inside the amp to see if there was any soldering problems. but alas i have found none, so this is leading me to believe its just a bown speaker. is there a way the speaker could be blown if the metal stompbox makes contact w/ the magnetic thing on the back of the speaker? b/c that happened a couple times and nothing happened but it mite have done it still.

anyways, i DO NOT have the kind of income to go out and buy a new amp otherwise i'd go tube. what i want is to replace the speaker, i hear Celestions are really good. what would u recommend? i play hard rock, bluesy style stuff. and heavier stuff as well, but mostly clean funky blues and hard rock blues.

and i mite change the stock tube out w/ a groove tube....any other suggestions for it?

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