I think it saves stuff onto the drive also instead of just your harddrive and stuff, so you have more room on your actual computer to save and it will let your computer go faster. As terrible as I phrased that sentence, hopefully you can get something out of it.
I assume it;'s just using Flash memory for page files instead of using th hard disk. Possibl;y has lower access/seek times.
so if i plugged my 2gig flash drive and did that it wouldnt really make it seem any faster?
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It probably wouldn't make too much of a difference unless you are running on a very low memory system with a small paging file on your HD. It just taps into the flash RAM on an external device and uses it as virtual memory, which is a great deal slower than standard DRAM. I don't have Vista and I've never used ReadyBoost, but it sounds like a M$ gimmick to me.