ok so im getting a new guitar and im stuck between these three prs's

SE standard

SE soapbar

SE cusom

i would get them in black or grey. I went and played the third one at guitar center and loved it but i also like the other 2.

So any ideas on which one is better or looks better to you. thanks
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I would go for the Custom.
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Play all three and decide which one suits you the best, or the one you like the best, whatever floats your boat. You can't decide by just playing one of them, plus it gives you an excuse to go to Guitar Center and play guitar!
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custom and dude Paul Reed Smith the guy you know. he came to this guitar shop by my house and he gave like a speech, hes so cool!
+1 on the Custom.

or save up and get the CE
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+1 on the saving up a bit more for the CE
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ha ha i guess you guys really like the custom. Ya its a beautiful looking and sounding guitar.
id honestly recommend the singlecut. i was in the same situation until i found the singlecut and bought it on the spot. if i were a female im sure i would have had some perspiration down low when i played it the first time.
ya i just dont like the look of the single cut as much. I need to play it though.
ya i was in guitar center for 2 more hours just playing that guitar. Idk if they had any other PRS but the second i saw that one i fell in love.