Hey, so i was in sam ash today, trying out diff. guitars, and the guy there hands me this beauty:


it was beautiful and it sounded beautiful. liked it better than the jazz fender too.

so whats ppls opinions on it?

btw, it was 500 at my sam ash, 100 dollars cheaper than the stilleto studio [but it doesnt have the thru neck]
... has anyone else ever heard of this bass? it looked, felt, and sounded awesome to me, i just wanna know if theres anything i should wary about b/c i havent heard of the brand before
It sure looks cool, maybe you could go onto harmony central and see what the reviews are like on there.
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Tune are a bloody good brand! Geezer used their BassManiac for a good while back in the early 80's. Haven't seen one myself in years, 'cos the supply of them outside of Japan is pretty patchy. Nothing against the Schecter, but I'd nab the Tune while it's available.
Buy of the Month, its like a review. Theres one about the Schecter Stilleto up rite now