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7 nation army
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I love that song! You are god for putting it into a poem

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Your hair is fckin epic, dude!!!


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no ****in way!
I don't even know you but I think I love you...

So awesome.

I hate my fucking username.
In Gunshot by Trivium, the riff right after the chorus. I LOVE that riff.
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Holy wars!

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what is a solo?
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The Canon Rock riff is actually very, very fun to play :P

True dat
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I can't fxcking descripe in words how much I love you!!!!!!!
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marry me.
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When the distorted chords come in on Ozzy Osbourne's 'Mother Earth (Revelation)', or the solo parts to 'Girlfriend' by Matthew Sweet (yes, got it from guitar hero, but it's so damn fun to play it in real life too).
Intro in Freya by The Sword. Even tho i cant tune to Drop C, its soo cool. Pretty much any System of a Down riff, especially Forest for me.
The 'banana banana banana terracotta banana terracotta terracotta pie" part in Vicinity of Obscenity by S.O.A.D.
Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses intro riff
^^^^True words of wisdom spoken from a genius

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surfing with the alien
metal-y riff at the end of knights of cydonia
end of pursuit of vikings
octaves riff just before the last solo in ghost of perdition
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Holy wars!
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that one riff in icky thump... ooh and the intro and recurring riff in the ocean by led zeppelin

and there's one in breaking benjamin's so cold that's super fun. not really a rock classic but for some reason i really liek that song.

also the relentless riffage in crazy train, basically all the way through is insanely fun and addicting to play.

hmm... the intro the ain't talkin bout love, unchained, and panama, and basically most of the early van halen songs. then 316 is fun to play as well, which is from not so early on...

and about a thousand more, that just bring a smile to my face whenever i paly them, i don't wann list 'em all though...
The Rover - Led Zeppelin
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YES! you, Dazed/confused, are a genius. my thanks to you, good friend
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Holy wars!

****in' eh! Or anything off of rust in peace.
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Hangar 18 has an insanely fun rhythm part. And a lead part that is horrible for your self- esteem, unless you're Marty Friedman.

Peace Of Mind by Boston is also a fun, catchy riff to play.
Ace of Spades (Motorhead), Shout at the devil (Motley Crue), god save the queen (Sex Pistols), Favourite son (Green Day)... So long as it's got a good beat to it, I'll enjoy playing it
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gone shootin and nightprowler
RIP Dime This "Blacktooth" is for you brother

the breakdown in the btbam song decade of statues at like 3:18

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Circle jerk eh? Jeez look out Eddie Van Halen, The_Clap is making a Spankenstrat

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Yeah no foreplay needed with a Blues Jr. she'll warm herself up.
sweet child o mine-guns n roses
killing in the nam (verse)-rage against the machine
thank you for the venom-my chemical romance
american idiot-green day
plug in baby-muse
day tripper-beatles
satisfaction-rolling stones
paint it black-rolling sontes
far cry-rush
heartbreaker-led zeppelin
rock n roll-led zeppelin
black dog-led zeppelin
whole lotta love-led zeppelin
immigrant song-led zeppelin
communication breakdown-led zeppelin
achilles last stand-led zeppelin
when the levee breaks-led zeppelin
misty mountain hop-led zeppelin
four sticks-led zeppelin
smells like teen spirit-nirvana
knights of cydonia-muse (at the end; best riff ever; very fun to play)
enter sandman-metallica
strength of the world-avenged sevenfold

all i can think of at da moment
Holy Diver
Balls to the Wall

Anything from the 80s, really.
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I don't wanna stop by Ozzy Osbourne
Back in Black by AC/DC
You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi
The Pretender by Foo Fighters
Hallowed be thy name by Iron Maiden
Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix
Rock you like a Hurricane by the Scorpions

all so fun
-The riff in "Take this Oath" by KSE that starts at like 0:46, and the riffs right after that where the singing starts

-The end of "Snow" by the Chili Peppers, For some reason I really enjoy playing that part, intro is fun to

-The spider riff in "Master of Puppets"

-Intro to "Like Light to Flies" by Trivium

-I really like playing the intro to "For the Love of God" with wah and some delay and then improvising from there because the rest of the song is beyond my abilities haha
supermario theme
amd just about every other popular video game theme
or if we have any devin towsned fans here...the vampira riff
such a bad song but i love it!
94 Hours
Iron Man
Holy Diver
Crazy Train
And Death In My Arms

All fun.
One Way Ticket To Hell


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