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Watchingmefall's Letters!
30 70%
FullMetalBass's Connection!
13 30%
Voters: 43.
I thought you were putting mine up?

I'll check these in the morning.

EDIT: Technically it IS morning, so here goes:


Good ideas. I do feel you were being a bit heavy handed at some points. The tone felt a bit empty to me and, to be quite honest, the chords sounded a lot like a good MIDI. It was very repetitive however, and there wasn't much there as far as melody is concerned. There wasn't much direction either. And the ending was very halfhearted if I'm going to be honest.


I was typing watchingmefall's crit whilst listening to yours. Finished writing the crit, looked at the time, and I was only 45 seconds in. I found it very boring and dull, I'm afraid. Some ideas in there to expand on, however, and the general playing was smoother than watchingmefall's piece. Timing issues abound, also. The tone, again, sounds very empty, there's no feeling in the tone. Did the recording just cut out at the end, because there really is no proper ending.

I'm going to have to mull this over for a bit.
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Both are nice compositions, but Letters runs into alot of repetition and for me personally is just too mellow. Connection is a very nice bassline, and makes use of all of the bass's range, and changes tempo a few times, so it got my vote.
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I liked Letters--a very Stu Hamm feel there. It had a cohesiveness and a theme that was strong and well locked.

I liked Connections but it seemed to lose something in the middle section. I wouldn't say it fell apart but it did seem to meander a bit in concept and timing.

Both were good, but I thought Raul's much stronger. He got my vote.
I think "Letters" has my vote. I like the use of the chords and I think it just sounds better overall. I just didn't feel it when I heard "Connections."
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"Letters" flowed a lot better, IMO. "Connection" had good ideas, but if there was more connectedness (irony) it would have got my vote.
I don't doubt eithers playing abilities but I thought "Letters" was more of a song I could listen to than just riffs. Even if I do say those riffs were pretty cool My vote went to "Letters".
I'm going with letters. Although there was repetition, I think the song had direction. I think that there were some great ideas and basslines in Connection however I think the middle bit kinda flopped. I thought the song had finished at one point.

watchingmefall: i think it was a good idea that could have been developed very well if you had maybe put more time into it, although i have to say it got quite repetative. i feel the chords were overpowering the melody which led to the repetative nature of the piece. and as ben said you seemed quite heavy handed on the chords at some points

fullmetalbass: it starts quite strong with a very hendrix/redding opening riff and it holds that idea well without becoming repetative, but it loses it's way at the middle, you seemes to have run out of ideas and tried to make it up on the fly. also i didn't like how it went from nothing to straight back to the original idea with no build up at the end, it came from nowhere and although that can be a very good device sometimes i think it would have been better used towards the middle.

my vote goes to... drum roll please... fullmetalbass
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I'm voting connections this time.

Watchingmefalls track is repetitive, and doesn't really go anywhere. There's also not much expression in it: no great variation in attack or feel.

FullMetalBass's track on the other hand goes everywhere in no particular order! The middle bit wasn't that bad, I'd say. It sounds like it could use a drum wigout under it to support the slight dissonance and phrasing!

Well done both, though, for getting it down and sticking it up...
Yeah I messed up towards the middle when I changed key and started improvising, yes there was a large Geezer influence, and I wish I had my Ashdown for when I was recording but I left it at band practice. Thanks for the crit.

EDIT: I'm actually gonna try and spend some more time fixin' up this song with your suggestions. I like the riffs I came up with and think it would make a cool bassline. Thanks
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These two are the best in the competition if you ask me, but I have to go with Letters.
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