im in dire need of one and while im back at home from college i thought itd be better to go to a retail store and try to bargain than down on the price.
I cant find to many options but the ones i have are

the boss ns-2 even though im not a fan of boss
the mxr smart gate but none of the stores around me carry them. id have to get it online which i dont want to do.

if you guys could recommend me some that would be awsome also.
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ISP decimator, either pedal or rackmount are both supposed to be great.

I have the pedal, and use the rackmount in the studio...both are absoultely brilliant...unwanted feedback doesn't exist with these things!
I'm in need of one also, but I dont' want to spend too much cash on one.
Do the behringer ones do the job right? or do they suck tone?
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Every suppressor I've tried sucks tone except the ISP Decimator, deffinately the best one you can buy.
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ISP. why do people even ask anymore? mine's on the list of 'things to buy'. it's around the #4 or 5 spot.
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