hey all, ive been playing about 1 1/2 yrs. now..... i want to be able to adjust my intonation, action, truss rod, and pickups .... i can play but i dont know anything about adjusting things on my guitar... i want to learn how properly instead of just screwing with stuff on my own and messing up my guitar... is it something i should learn in person or do i need to find a website and just go at it? thanks all
probably find someone to teach you face to face so you dont mess it up
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im like the exact and quite frankly i dont know but i may suggest doing it in person as not to screw things up
juz try messing with it , first see some sites that explain this type of stuff though,,
I messed with mine for hours til I gt **** down,, but its a nice experience,
can be rather aggravating at times, if you dont understand guitar set up explanations well
dont do it though..
well, actually this site can help you set up ur guitar.

what type of guitar do you have?

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It's easy to learn yourself, just don't do anything insane like turn a bunch of screws a bunch of times.
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Get a cheap guitar that no one wants on ebay, then mess with it, while using a good reference like this ESP manual, Gibson's support section, or UG's for beginners section.