So I'm trying to play Iron Man by Black Sabbath but the sliding is killing me.

|------------------------------------------ *this is
|------------------------------------------ the rhythm
repeat once


I highlighted the part I'm talking about. When I slide I lose volume, what am I doing wrong?
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What are you saying, it sounds bad, or it hurts your fingers?

No it doesn't hurt its just when I slide up and down the neck I lose volume substantually. Is it just one continuous up and down slide or am I suppose to strum after each slide? I'm doing the former and I'm losing volume.
Ok, you strum at the 10th, slide down to the 9th, repeat twice. In other words, you strum at the 10th three seperate times.
When your not doing Power Chords you don't slide at the 10-9 part. You use hammer-ons and pull-offs. Or at least I do. It sounds better in my opinion.
you can try playing the chord part another way


helps kee volume nice

but you can also strum if you want to keep the volume
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to keep the volume just press down on the frets hard and slide quickly while still holding down hard, and are you playing on an acoustic or an electric?
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I've looked at numerous videos on the internet of people playing the power chords in this song and they all strum, the 12-10's, so 3 strums for the 6 powerchords. I don't think you should be losing much volume for just one slide, just make sure to press down hard.