that is a very good beginners set, i started on this and it will hold you for a long time and its good to learn on
Most of the time, u should save up and get a good $200+ guitar and a decent amp. As long as u know this is something u wanna learn, u should have no problem investing a bit more in it.
I just assumed that I should be buying an amp at the same time... and from what i've read, buying packs is a good idea for beginners. I'm not trying to spend a fortune, I'm in college and don't have tons of money. I've tried searching for a while now about good starter guitars but I'm not coming up with any good results. I'm not even entirely sure what makes a good begginner guitar. If anyone could give advice, or even point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it alot.

I don't recommend the starter packs, because it's usually some cheap guitar packed with some cheap amplifier with accessories that you sometimes, really don't need. What I would recommend is that you head down by your local store and look at some cheap 200-300$ electric guitar, and then look for a decent amp at the 100-200$ price range. Cables, no more than 20$ if your getting a 20 footer, which you shouldn't need. Guitar Picks, a couple bucks. Guitar strap, 10-20$. Gig bag, 20$. You'll spend about 500-600$ but it'll last much longer than a starter pack. Especially if you find a guitar & amp around the price range that you interest in.
what should I be looking for as far as starter guitars go.... unfortunatly, I don't know anyone who plays?
the perfect starter guitar should be very durable, easy to play, and affordable.
my first guitar was my Squier Affinity Strat, and it served me very well. consider looking into Squier, and maybe check out the Fender Frontman 15s. It'll get you started.
Starter sets are usually low quality, so I'd stay away from them in any case. Ibanez don't exactly make good amps, either. Also, you'll be buying a guitar with a tremolo system - which, if you're just starting, is going to be one hell of a hassle. I've never heard of the FAT 3 tremolo system either, so can't tell you whether it's durable or not... Which means you might be taking a risk. (By the way: stay away from Edge III tremolos. For Ibanez guitars, look for Original Edge, Edge Pro or Lo-Pro tremolos or fixed bridges.)

Anyways, what kind of music will you be playing? Squier makes some decent strats, but they won't last you too long - Epiphone makes reasonable Les Pauls or SGs, and if you're looking for something to play metal with, I'd look or some fixed bridge Ibanez - something like RG321 or an SZ model. For amps, there are a few versatile amps that are popular (Roland Cube and VOX ADVT/XL stand out, I'd reccomend the latter), but if you're thinking in terms of a specific genre, there are plenty of other low-budget amps that could suit you better.
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more old school rock, alternative, and punk.... thanks for the help so far... anymore help is appreciated