Poll: Greatest guitarist ever
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0 0%
Angus Young
1 4%
Randy Rhoads
1 4%
Jimi Hendrix
9 36%
Eric Clapton
3 12%
Pete Townshend
1 4%
Eddie Van Halen
4 16%
Keith Richards
0 0%
Tony Iommi
0 0%
Jimmy Page
6 24%
Voters: 25.
Once again, "best" guitarist is a personal preference. This has been done a million times. There is never any decent conclusion. It always comes down to the fact that everyone has a different view of best. Some think the best guitarist is one which conveys the most emotion. Others think it's the technically fastest player. Some think it's a mix of the two, or something completely different. There is no best guitarist.
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Id honestly vote John Petrucci, but he aint on that list. But he doesnt play classic rock. But wait, neither do EVH or RR...
Quote by nedthehead

Id honestly vote John Petrucci, but he aint on that list. But he doesnt play classic rock. But wait, neither do EVH or RR...

amen friend, hes definatly one of the most versatile players around. HE CAN EVEN BUST OUT FLAMINCO!
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Well it's a close battle so far, even though I don't think Van Halen is classic rock...
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Really bro? You have Angus Young and Kieth Richards up there but no Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, or John McLaughlin?

Something is wrong here. Not to mention you have barely ANY blues guitarists.
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He's pretty young, he probably hasn't heard of them yet.
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theres not a chance in hell he will ever be the greatest ever.

that being said, I think that music is an art form so no one artist can ever be better than an another universally speaking, it really boils down to what you like and dont like. so i just pretty much contradicted what i said above.
seriously, this thread should be closed

they cause titanic arguments

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Quote by iron_maiden97
Who do u think is the Greatest guitarist of all time? Lets see who the best is.

You should have added Tom Morello, but apart from that nice choice .
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Op is a ****ing idiot.

How the **** can you include Angus Young and Pete Townsend and not include the undisputed king of guitar - DAVID GILMOUR.

Get a ****ing clue op go die in a car fire you loser. **** your rolling stones bull****.

David Gilmour > Jimmy Page > Jimmy Hendrix > Joe Satriani > Slash > Mark Morton > everyone
1. Buckethead
2. John Petrucci
3. Steve Vai
4. Joe Satriani
5. Jeff Beck
6. Stevie Ray Vaughan
7. Eric Johnson
8. David Gilmour
9. Jason Becker
10. Frank Zappa
Buckethead and John Petrucci got into a shred batte. Petrucci went into world domination mode and melted Buckethead's face off. That's why Buckethead wears a mask.
This debate could go on for eons. It depends on what style of music you prefer to name the greatest guitarist of all time. I went with Randy Rhoads. Just my opion. He kinda invented a new style of metal.
Read the post for David Gilmour - can't argue
Read the post for Buckethead - can't argue
I see Jimi is in the lead - can't argue
It depends on what you like. I have to agree with Gilmour if I had 2 votes, but his style of playing doesn't take the "talent" of what Randy was doing at the time.
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