im looking for a practice amp on the budget of around 300$, i could save up a hundred or two more dollards, but im lazy and impatient. i play everything, not a lot of metal though so i dont need a huge amount of gain. good cleans are important too, reverb built-in would be cool. most of guitars are humbuckers in case that matters.
I'm actually going to suggest a Line 6 or a Crate here. Generally, I'm not a big fan, but if you want a pure practice amp, they're actually a good buy. Most solid states aren't too great because the second you crank them up to say gig volumes, the sound quality blows. However, if it's just from practice at home, they're great. Cheap, lots of good presets and effects. The Spider III is pretty decent for that kind of thing.

Just because I see this constantly, if you're gonna disagree with me, that's cool, just state why and don't just be like, "Dooood, Line 6 sucks." Different amps are good for different things. Explain
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The Vox AD30VT and Roland Cube 30 are good SS practice amps with built in effects and much better bang for your buck than the Spiders. They both come in lower wattages but the Cube 15 and 20 have fewer effects than the Cube 30.

If you want a low wattage tube amp the Crate Palomino, Fender Champion 600, and Epiphone Valve Junior are good amps but you lose the versatility of the SS amps for the better tone.