I'm not sure if this is the section this would go in, but nothing else seemed to fit

I just bought this little mixer and was wondering if it was at all possible to multitrack record with it. If you don't know what I mean, I mean record 4 channels at once on 4 different tracks with my software.

Example: Guitar plugged into MIC 1 spot, Drumset plugged into MIC 2 and MIC 3 spot, and bass plugged into MIC 4 spot. Using whatever recording software nessecary, would i be able to record all 4 at once on DIFFERENT tracks within the software?

If so, does anybody know how to set this thing up to do that and how to set up my software to receive this?

please let me know, because as of now im pissed off at the gizmo and unless someone can help me im gonna throw the damn thing against a wall.

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wrong form, Riffs & Recordings would br the best for this
99% of USB mixers will only put out a single stereo track to the USB cable therefore limiting you to record one track at a time.

Firewire mixers are the ones that can do 1 - 16 seperate tracks at one time.

Next time, research the product befor buying...it will save you loads of money.
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