Me and my friend recently started a band with some friends from school, another guitarist and drummer. My friend the bassist was gonna be the singer even though he sucked. One of our friends who was previously the bass player of another band is now our singer and he also plays guitar. He's a good friend but whenever it comes to the band, he's really stubborn and picky. He's pretty much our other guitarists best friend so I don't know what to do. He wrote a song and he plays guitar in it too, I'm mainly the lead guitarist but in this song I do basically nothing except play power chords, I'm fine with it now but he doesn't want to change ANYTHING in it. An example of his stubbornness, In the song he wrote, for the chorus he's singing and then there's a little
gallop that the guitars and bass play. He wants to play that part right after he sings and his lyrics aaren't all the same length so it's screwed up. Last time they practiced (I couldn't make it) the bass player protested that instead of playing the gallop part RIGHT after the lyrics, we play according to the beat. I was thinking this when we first learned th song but didn't say anything. But when the bassist told him that he got real pissed off and was all, " We're not changing anything so **** you." What I'm saying is, is there anyway to get him to have an open mind or anything, I don't really wanna kick him out because he's one of my good friends.
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Did you show him what you are talking about, like with the guitar, or did you just tell him through words?
threaten to kick him out...say "this is a band, if we are doing a damn thing the whole band is going to be on board with it. We'll play your song but not if it sounds like ****. so shut the **** up and be a team player."
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Did you show him what you are talking about, like with the guitar, or did you just tell him through words?

I wasn't there at the time so I'm not sure.
"Waltz it up! The pit is it!"
"Can we atleast try to do play it this way, then we'll decide which way sounds the best"?
drugs help...but tell him "lets play it like this,and sees how it sounds" and if it sounds good he'll like it
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^ yeah, that pretty much sounds like your best bet. If he's still stubborn though, you're going to have to have him make it so it's predictable when his vocals will end.
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if you need help with that, ask Vincent745

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maybe he wants a prog type sound?

**** that though, i bet it would be gay anyways like that, no offense. vote on that ****, a band's a democracy not a goddamn tyrrany.

It's nothing worth losing a member over though, don't do anything drastic unless he doesnt help at all.
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