after seeing me play, my dad wants to get into guitar. he is using my old yamaha pacifica, because im getting a mim strat this weekend, and he needs a amp. he is going after a classic marshally tone like led zeppelin, pearl jam, who, whatever. We have looked at the AD30VT(which i own, seems to like it a bit) the epiphone valve jr, and the crate palomino 5w version. which amp would be the best. price range is $250, max.
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Crate. Get him an EQ, and with the on-amp OD, u should be able to do Zepp, as well as the others u have on their. And the EQ should be able to drive the amp a bit harder for Pearl Jam.
Your dad (assuming he's in his 40s-50s)
would appreciate a vintage sounding amp, to match the tones of the players he grew up with.
He'd probably love the fender champ 600, and just use the cash left over for a little EQ pedal, and ur all set!
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EDIT: or a used blues jr and od maybe