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Yes, brush twice a day.

Shower between 1 and 2 times a day =)
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well, I shower pathologically. I seriously feel like **** all day if I don't take one in the morning.

on the other hand, I brush my teeth maybe every other day. wierd how that works.
I like having two showers a day, but that rarely happens. I brush my teeth 3 times a day.
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i brush my teeth every morning and every night, and i shower mosty every day unless i'm having a super lazy weekend which involves sitting in front of the computer and doing nothing (most weekends =/) haha
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Shower in the morning
Brush my teeth
Hop in showers with naked guys
Go Home
Mentally Scarred
Brush teeth
Nightmares about showers with naked guys

I take a shower every day or I feel like a scumbag. Once in a while I take two showers if I smell like a greasy sink after work. I brush my teeth after every time I take a shower.
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shower every morning to wake myself up
brush my teeth twice a day
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I used to shower twice a day. Now it really varies. I try to get two in every day but it usually doesn't happen.
I brush my teeth once a day. I never remember to brush at night.
yes yes.
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I shower every night and brush before bed and when I wake up.

thats how i do it.
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I shower in the mornings, but I usually eat on the way to or at school, so brushing my teeth isn't really practical. I brush before I go to bed.
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I shower every day and brush my teeth if I ate that day. I've never had a cavity...

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On weekdays. Do neither most Saturdays, but I do shower most Sundays.

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I only take showers when i start to smell bad, so i pretty much only shower once a week, I do brush my teeth everyday, bad breath is just unnatrractive.
I shower every year. I wipe my ass every June.
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I shower twice a day, before and after work.
I brush my teeth when I wake up, and before bed.
I shower every day, and brush twice a day, although sometimes I shower twice for the lovely foxes here in Santa Fe
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I shower every day. I feel disgusting if I don't. That's probably not good, from the view of your mental state. I also have to shower in the morning, generally. If I'm going somewhere important that night, sometimes I shower then too.

I'm pretty bad for brushing my teeth. I generally stay up really late and fall asleep by accident, forgetting to brush them. I generally aim for once a day, but I miss the odd time.
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Shower in the morning
Brush my teeth
Hop in showers with naked guys
Go Home
Mentally Scarred
Brush teeth
Nightmares about showers with naked guys


*pig laugh*
I shower every night (mostly because I'm too lazy to do it in the mornings) and I brush my teeth whenever I go out so I brush them maybe 4-5 times daily. I just feel gross when I don't and I am so self-conscious about bad breath.
I shower everyday...
but i brush my teeth only about 5 times a week, i never seem to have bad breath though.
I guess its the water.

I still pay through by having painful trips to the dentist though.
I should learn by now but i'm not going too.
I will die if I don't shower and brush my teeth every morning. If I skate or go running in the evening, I'll take a shower again. I usually don't brush in the night, but I think I should make it a habit.
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Always shower first thing in the morning. Also shower after sweating (dodgeball, pickup bball, etc.).

Brush my teeth in the morning after breakfast, and if I'm going out at night.

weekdays i shower everday, saturday i shower and usually sunday i don't. brush teeth 2 times a day
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I shower once or twice a day.

I brush my teeth every once in a while, sometimes.
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