I feel like my band is in a 'slump' of enthusiasm right now. Don't get me wrong, they still love the band and love playing shows and such, but I feel like there is a bit of a loss of as I said, enthusiasm. I expect things to step up when we get our 1st cd back from mastering and duplication, but I think they are getting tired of playing local shows and such. We currently have no street team leaders (workin on that today actually), no outside management or booking, and no merch. (I realize myspace has some new zazza merch thing, which I'm about to set up tonight or tomorrow, pretty cool idea, much like cafepress). But is there anything you guys do/have done to get your guys excited about your band? I'm thinking setting up a mini-tour (regardless of how good or bad it will be), would help. Ideas?
Ah screw all that merchandise and street team stuff, it's not gonna get you anywhere. A mini-tour is a good idea though. Try going outside of your local area and getting shows, live on the road for a couple weeks.
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The Cooperation
More practicing
More shows
More song writing

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try to do a big tour after u get ur CD. Like a state-wide tour, with ur merch as well. Enthusiasm will go waaaaaay up, especially if ur shows are good.
Make freinds with more bands, bigger bands. That way when they get a show, your on their list for playing with them. We at first couldnt get a gig, then we got one, people were like hmm. Then we got another gig and we got some more hmm's. Then we do another one and people are like, hey your not bad, then were like were gonna take off 2 months to record. Then after we say that we get offered 3 gigs. More gigs in new places with new people, also marketing will help.
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Well getting gigs isn't a problem at all. We know plenty of bigger bands and such, but I dunno. It's an internal thing I think. As far as merch and street team stuff, granted it is only material things and shouldn't affect your mentality as a musician, but it certainly does to some extent validate the music you are producing. You can consider yourself a more established band if you have a merch table and products to sell (cds etc). It is as much about the business side as it is about the music. But on the flipside I have seen bands that totally suck and have a merch table. Pretty sad when the best part about their show is the lights they have on the table lol. (true story haha) I think a road show or two might help things though. Cross your fingers guys Thanks!
I've had many problems with bands, and I always found it was because we didn't have a new and exciting song to play, and no-one could write one. Just come up with some decent lyrics and some decent music and you'll sail through the rough patches. It seems like work to force a song out of a low mood (and sometimes it is) but believe me, it's well worth it. (I've even had to force songs through theory and formulas now, and they work just as well.)