Not sure what topic to put this into, hopefully this is the right one...

Are there any programs that can control the line-in sound with weird effects (Robot noises, etc) for recording?

(I record using Dexter)

And on another note, are there any programs that I can arrange my music with, like Magix Music Maker, but free? Is Audacity simular to that?

And finally, whats a good website to get free drum loops, bass lines, etc EASILY? I've tried a few websites, and you have to get them all individually, sign up, etc...

Hmm. I think your best bet is to record your guitar without the wierd effects first, and then add that on later using plugins. You can probably find some weird soudning ones around.

And yes, I can vouch for audacity. It doesn't support all vst plugins, but if you look on the website and the wikipedia group you can find loads.