Hey just wondering if anyone could tell me some of the neccssary adjustments i'd have to take to tune down to drop A. At the moment i just play a epi sg with 10-46 strings and no other real adjustments have been made, but i really wanna tune that low when i'm in the mood to just **** around and beast it up. Any help would be great.
start by turning the tuners down. lol. does your guitar have a tremolo?
if you are going to be playing in that tuning regularly, you should consider getting a baritone guitar.
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You'll definitely need thicker strings to do that, lol. I have 10's too and there's no way that could be the tuning on my guitar, it'd be like spaghetti. You'll probably need to adjust something or other with the truss rod and the springs depending on your bridge. I know about nothing about that, so maybe take it to a store. Keep in mind if you get a heavier set of strings it'll be a lot tougher to play in standard tuning or anywhere close to standard tuning. Personally, I think Drop A is pretty excessive, lol, I love Nile and all, but it seems kinda pointless. You can get a pretty heavy sound just by tuning the guitar down a whole step or more, especially in comparison to standard. Seems like more trouble than it's worth to play in drop A.

Maybe get a 7 string?
lol Yeah Drop A is pretty intense..but it's what i want.
And i'll be buying more guitars as i go on so i don't mind having one stuck with tank strings and that low tuning. I'ts purely for a mess around and when nothing else satisfys your metal urge.

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i play in A i dont have a tremelo and i also use 10's ooh the irony, they work just fine, it depends on how losse you leave you strings when you tune to standard after u put a new set on if u mkae your strings tighter then it would definatly be easier to drop it down with out your stirngs feelin like dog balls
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get a bass

eh... that doesn't make any sense
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I'd suggest getting some 12s or 13s for that tuning on that guitar. Yeah, a baritone guitar would definitely suit that tuning, and you could use 10s with a baritone.
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Check out this band called Torche. They use Drop A sometimes. They rule.
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hehe, i did that once. it was pretty cool. i did it with 10s too. it would be a lot easier and more effective with 12s or 13s though...
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