Dear Original R&R,

Over the summer me and the boys recorded four new tracks for our album (we're releasing it next November), and this is one of them, titled (I Only Got In The Car Because You Said It Went To) Hollywood.

It's about a friend of mine who was in a very bad relationship, basically

So yeah, the track's on my and I'd be very grateful if you gave it a listen and let me know what you think.

Obviously crit for crit

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i like it as well even though at the start i didnt like the singers voice but when i saw you guys are from the uk i understood. i also like the solo
Will, I love it .
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Hi there...

I like this stuff, good quality recording too...

The guitars sound a bit dry though.... but hey that's just my opinion...

Keep up the good work....
dang you have a heavy accent. (at least to me, I'm American). I don't really have anything to say either. It was pretty rockin'. I wish I could critique it more. I do think that you should bring the vocals up a tiny bit, just barely. The bass sounds a bit overdriven in that solo though. Maybe its just my speakers but I dunno. Cool song.
i've listened to your music before and liked it very much. this song sounds great so far. your songs always have such a great vibe. i love the vocals...the accent makes it very refreshing to listen to. i thought the vocals could've been a little louder though. sometimes it felt like the music was drowning them out too much. the songs very catchy and very well written. basically, no complaints except i would've liked the vocals louder. I love your sound.

crit me?
Awesome man awesome, you guys will go some where
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I already left my comment on your profile, but I'm reposting it here to see if anyone agrees so you can get a better idea of people's opinions on it:

To be honest, I prefer the first version to this one. I think that if you guys combined both positive elements of each song you could have one kickass tune (not that it isn't already )!
I like many of the modified/improved parts of this new one such as the more technical parts of the song (drum work and guitar solo, to mention a few), but the other one seemed to be a better pop-punk song--- much more fun and catchy.
It's a good song, but the mix destroys any claim of studio quality.

Here's my EQ suggestions:

The drums sound thin and hollow, and the cymbals and hats have no high end. And the snare's too quiet (it's got the punch but could use a bit more top - 1-4k?)

You need to cut the vocals at 200Hz and boost at 3kHz to thin them down slightly and bring them forward in the mix to improve clarity. The second vocal needs a bit of green too

I like the bass very much. I like the guitars too, but the lead parts are slightly thin.

I think that the song is very good, I just have a little problem with the way it's mixed.

Most people aren't going to care, but bad production annoys me.

PS.) Please could you leave me a few lines back mate?