Sorry up front for being a guitar noob

I need some help to make sure that I am getting a good deal on this Les Paul. I am talking about Epiphone brand, not Gibson. I have a few questions regarding LPs

From what I can tell there are 3 different versions of the Epiphone LPs; Standard, Classic and Custom. What are the differences between them?

Also I want to make sure that the LP has the trapizod frets not the dots correct?

This guitar I am looking at has is an Epiphone Classic with EMGs pickups and has the Trapizod frets. He is asking $250 for it. Is this a good deal?
Wait, dot fretboard markers = not good?
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Wait, dot fretboard markers = not good?

not on les paul's man... the traps make a les paul IMO.
but yeah. of theyre real EMG's, go fo it.