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stay in lessons
2 10%
quit lessons
1 5%
get teacher to teach
4 20%
self teach
9 45%
give lessons a break but return
4 20%
Voters: 20.
hey guitar lovers having some probs
lessons arnt that great should i try self teaching??
if so how do i tell my parents its time to quit lessons???

help me make the desision
i say tell your parents your not learning anything right now, quit lessons, teach yourself for awhile then go back. After teaching yourself for a while a teacher will make it easier. See what its like to teach yourself then go back for a couple lessons and make a decision then.
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well why dont you try discussing your concerns with your teacher first? see what happens. Tell your parents what you just said if you decide to end lessons. UG has a lot of good lessons. Good luck.
thanx i have been in lessons for a year and a half and not much progress
i was in one place for about 2 months and then swithched to what i thought was a better
teacher but i have learnt minimum
Try different teachers, they are all different and quite unique in their own way.
I got rid of about four teachers until i found the one i liked.
My advice is, shop around, a good teacher is invaluable and can show you more than books, cds dvds etc.
At least take a few weeks to see how you do teaching yourself before deciding, that way you'll see both sides of the coin.
Good luck.
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Taking Lessons
Pros: A good teacher can show you whether you are playing the correct way or not, and can explain to you why you should be playing this and not that.
Cons: A bad teacher won't know what is right and what is wrong. They will only show you what they know and can't really explain anything properly.

Pros: You can learn at your own pace without worrying about the clock ticking away; almost anything a teacher can teach you can be found in the tons of books, dvd, and websites available today, so you can spend less money on lessons.
Cons: You have to be self-motivated, else you won't get very far; you might be practicing the wrong way, which can lead to injury (that's what happened to me); you must take the initiative to find out things for yourself.

IMHO, it's better to teach yourself (I'm self-taught), so long as you practice correctly and consistently. Then, when you can find a great teacher, take master classes with him or her for a few sessions. This way, you go into the sessions fully prepared because you've practiced, and you would have gained enough knowledge to ask the teacher very precise questions (things that you have yet to find out or want to find out more).
I taught myself for some time and then when I wanted to learn how to shred and what exactly I was shredding I went to go learn from a teacher, though I was lucky enough to find this guy who is an amazing shredder and a theory genious.