holy crap man. for an amatuer, thats pretty fricken good.
you should be givin yourself more credit, antoine is some crazy ass ****. and you got most of it. keep it up!!
Hey sorry. I am not really amatuer lol. I meant I haven't played guitar for about a month or two because I have exams. Prior to that I have played for about 3-4 years. Thanks though!
^that's so cool. I love how a lot of the candy-rat artists who've gotten aclaim on the internet still take time to comment on people. Especially Andy Mckee, he's always glad to answer questions directly on his forum.
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Really nice cover man, I've been a fan of Antoine Dufour for a while now and that cover was really impressive. Like kurt said, dont suppose you have a tab you could send me would ya? Wouldn't mind trying to learn that either