I am having trouble finding the motivation to write riffs and make up new stuff. About six months ago, I had a huge creative spree were I came up with 31 or so riffs/ideas, then after that I lost my creativity and couldn't come up with anything that sounded good. Lately I have been playing Rage against the Machine, Sex Pistols and other covers to fill my time. I want to come up with new stuff and it has been really hard to convince myself that any idea is good. If anyone can help me, that would be cool.
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Listen to new stuff, look at the tabs for songs you like and incorporate other ideas. Experiment with different genres. That probably doesn't help, and to be honest I'm in the same position as you
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When this happens i usually just loop a drum track on my effects pedals and just mess around trying to stay in time and i usually end up coming up with something and i just build on it..

if that doesn't work try listening to new bands and other music in the genre your looking to work in. Usually you can search for bands that you like on things like itunes and they give you a list of bands that are similar. New ands have always managed to help me gain some new inspiration.

it's also good to look into other genres of music. if you mostly listen to heavy metal check out some softer stuff or something a little different just to get a bigger musical area and maybe get some ideas that way.

if all of this fails you can also take a break from music for a few days or a week and not touch your guitar. The last time i did that when i finally picked up my guitar again i had so many ideas i just recorded everything i played because i just couldn't possibly remember everything i came up with.

Hope this helps
Yeah, take a break for a bit. That almost always does the trick. Listening to something new helps, too. Just try to have fun with it and not view it as a chore.
If you loose out on "natural" inspiration, I'm afraid it could be time to look at music theory. When I go blank I just make something up using the knowledge I've learnt and despite it being very forced it often snowballs a shed load of inspiration.
Find and spend a lot of time with a person who gives you inspiration.

If that fails, take a warm shower, masturbate, eat a nice meal, take a nap. (I'm serious)
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Here's what I do. Write something that sucks then keep making adjustments until it's completely reformed and sounds good. I think sometimes you just have to mess around with musical ideas until you're vibing out on what you're creating.