So I saw this at Target and I was thinking if this was like some ripoff or at least not good quality, but it seemed to be the real deal. But I have a lot of doubts about this just because its only $200, I found it in target, and its an amp/guitar combo which usually suck. I've been on the acoustic and thinking about going electric for about 2 years now. So if anyone's gotten this or knows anything about it, please say something. Peace

PS: I was originally was going to save up for this:
I see these all the time. Why would that be bull? Its just a squier.
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I see these all the time. Why would that be bull? Its just a squier.
I thought it was a Squier too, but wouldn't have the big S and squire logo on it also? Because I didn't see that on the box.
Save up for something better. Stay the hell away from that guitar, unless you are just looking for something to dick around on.
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It does say "Starcaster", go with the Ibanez.
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It's a Starcaster, not a Stratocaster. It's neither Fender or Squire though, but I think the same company produces them.

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Don't get it, it's a piece of **** made out of plywood.
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erm its a starcaster.. is basically technically made by fender but its kind of squier quality....

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Don't get it, it's a piece of **** made out of plywood.

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Now lets have a look:

Starcaster < Squier Strat(low end) < Fender Strat(low end) < High end,well made squier,eg.MIJs < Fender MIM/MIJ strats < > Fender MIA Strat

Not so nice as it looks now doesnt it?
+1 to sticking to the ibanez
I have seen these, The ones I have seen have the Fender logo on the head stock in big letters and the Starcaster in smaller letters. They also say Fender on the box not "made by" or like on a Squier in little fine print letters. I was really surprised that they just didn't sell Squier starter packs. It's also listed on Targets web page as a Fender Starcaster Strat not Starcaster by Fender. Bad move IMHO. The one you pictueredand the ones on Targets web site look a little different than the ones I saw in the store, the Fender logo was big on the guiitar and box. I have also seen Baldwin and Epoch Les Pauls sold in the same way with the Gibson logo and name all over the box. I am sorry but usuing your name like that just gives people the wrong impression and when they buy these and are not happy they doubt the better guitars from those companies.


Click Fender Starcaster Strat Click
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As a general rule, NEVER buy a guitar from anywhere that isn't a music store or a pawnshop. Just don't do it.
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NEVER buy a guitar from anywhere that isn't ... a pawnshop

I love pawn.

And agreed -- I am an electric starter & refused to buy a 'fender' from Target. Instead, I went with a Jackson Dinky
This is what I have.
I was a noob back then, I got because I had to have something that looked like a strat, I figured it didn't matter. Plus, it said Fender, and I was fooled.

But honestly, it isn't that bad. The factory setup sucks but after that it's playable.
I bought it because it was a guitar/amp combo but the amp that comes with it is the biggest pile of horse crap I have ever played through.
My friends Marshall MG10CD sounds AMAZING compared to it. And the distortion doesn't really do much except make the guitar louder and add some cheap sounding gain.

The guitar though? I will probably be sticking with it for a few more years until i get an Ibanez S or something. When I started I wanted a strat but now there are guitars that fit my style better, though playing it still feels very good. I'm going to be getting a new amp in a few days, I've played my own guitar through some roland cubes and Vox amps and it sounds WAY better than I was expecting.

Also, according to Wikipedia (I know WP isn't 100% trustworthy but this is just what i've read), Starcasters are made of basswood with a maple neck, not plywood. Is this true?
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how the hell does that sound?

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