Hi guys,
I am planning on getting a new guitar. I looked on stickies i dont think i found a place that talked about sizes

Im about 5'5". I am a pretty small guy. I am hoping you guys can help me find a size what would fit best

Do you think a size like a 3/4 guitar like a baby taylor, a 15/16 like big baby taylor, or a full size dreadnought like most guitars?
first, you definitely don't want a 3/4 size guitar like a baby taylor as your main guitar. those are GREAT travel guitars, but not all-the-time guitars.

second, 5'5" is plenty big to play a full-size guitar!
^--Agreed. I know plenty of people about your height that have no problems playing a full size dreadnought.
The only time someone should consider buying an acoustic which isn't full size is if they are less than 5ft tall
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You could always try an audotorium body, they're a bit smaller than a dreadnaught but they're not as tonally boomy. I quite like the sound of them myself but nt everyone likes them.