Well im looking online for a new guitar to buy....trying to keep price low...But right now im debating on whether to get a Epiphone Dove or Epiphone Hummingbird...Can anyone tell me which you think is better. If it helps...im gonna get it in a Sunburst finish haha. Thanks to everyone that helps out
My friend has an Epiphone Dove,,,and while it was decent,,,My Alvarez,which is about the same price,or cheaper even maybe, sounds better than her Dove does
They aren't bad guitar, but you could probably find something a little better for the same amount of money.

But, like I said, they are nice little guitars. The Hummingbird will probably have a warmer tone, while the Dove will be a little bit brighter. I have a Hummingbird I dropped a Dean Markley in, and it's a fun guitar to play, and still has a good sound to it.